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Build Something Extraordinary

You are not just building a structure, you are building a home for someone’s life—the place where their story will be written. It should be the most comfortable, healthy environment for them to grow and nurture their families. Demilec’s innovative insulation helps you craft healthier and more energy-efficient homes more affordably than ever; the kind of homes buyers are looking for today. With Demilec spray foam insulation, you can stay on budget while meeting today’s aggressive timelines. But to move past the ordinary, you need to shatter the status quo.

So when it comes to spray foam insulation, don’t go with the expected—explore the extraordinary products and world-class support from Demilec. It’s the right choice for builders who are tired of accepting the ho-hum performance of other products. It’s a movement of building professionals who want to push the boundaries, and who don’t settle for less.

Be unique. Shatter the status quo. Join the movement.

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